Blur Studio

Remix photos to create stunning wallpapers for iOS. Choose your photo, tint color, blur, and let Blur Studio do the rest. But that's not all. You can test how your wallpaper will look on a home screen without leaving Blur Studio. Don't forget to share your beautiful creation with the rest of the world.



By avoiding blocky controls that might obstruct your view and combined with a parallax effect, Blur Studio floats over your photo allowing you to focus on what really matters. Creating beautiful wallpapers.

Home Screen Test

Testing how your wallpaper will look on the home screen can be quite a chore: saving, going to the camera roll, setting it. With Blur Studio, you can avoid that back and forth with Home Screen Test.


Subtly match your wallpapers to your iPhone with the built-in tinting system. With the tap of a button, a tint color is applied instantly to your photos.